kaesch wellness - chromo therapyChromotherapy, otherwise referred to as color light therapy and colorology, is the use of colored light waves for therapeutic benefits. Considered a form of alternative medicine, color light therapy is used to expose individuals to specific colored light waves in an effort to treat different bodily ailments and conditions, as well as to promote continued health. The basic premise behind Chromotherapy is that light waves can and do have an effect on the human body and that certain different colored light waves can encourage the harmonization of the emotional, spiritual, and physical well being of an individual that partakes of color therapy.

Our exclusive bathtubs are equipped with high-tech LED’s that cover the entire visible color spectrum. With the pool control, the user can halt at the desired color and let it act on his or her skin and retina.

KAESCH applies these colors to become a curing method.

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KAESCH combines these 5 therapeutic principles with aesthetics to achieve beauty and health.