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kaesch rainshower feel controlkaesch rainshowerFree Control

KÄSCH raises the level for your sensation while showering. An extra wide showerpanel, attached at the bathceiling, allows to cover your whole body in waterdrops.
Different paneltypes as well as double row arrangements offer an almost unlimited creative freedom.

Feel Control is a water regulation system which replaces conventional armatures like mixer faucets. This unique control system regulates the ideal water temperature at the touch of a button. It permits controlled water consumption while bathing, showering or washing. The water inflow will be stopped automatically if the aimed water level is reached.

KÄSCH accomodates economical water consumption with this intelligent technology and confirms the requirement for exclusive bath design at the same time. Feel Control presents itself with a designed glass panel. The design can either be serial production or special customer request – different colour components or well-chosen pictures are enriching every individual bath design.