takiyu japanese tradition in modern bathrooms

Along with bathing in mineral springs, bathing in the pool of a waterfall – TAKIYU – has a long tradition in Japan.

Even in earliest times in Asia, waterfalls in hidden mountain areas were pilgrimage places for individual bathing rituals. Water continually flows in a closed cycle from beneath a decorative covering, falling gently into the tub. This model supports physical and psychological regeneration.

The TAKIYU bathtub collection: CN 160 | RO 170 | OV 190 | CS 200 | SQ 180 | RT 200 | RT 912 | RT 190

The TAKIYU bathtub collection was developed to recreate this natural experience in your own home. Its concept is based
on the combination of a waterfall with the massaging effects of air-water jets, enhanced by colored lighting. Equipped with our CHROMO-THERAPY LED colored lights system. The very small designer LED lights rotate through all the colors and can be stopped in any color to create the ultimate mood sensation. Please click on Picture to enlarge

kaesch takiyu collection cn160

CN 160

kaesch takiyu collection ro170

RO 170

kaesch takiyu collection ov190

OV 190

kaesch takiyu collection cs200

CS 200

kaesch takiyu collection sq180

SQ 180

kaesch takiyu collection rt200

RT 200

kaesch takiyu collection rt912

RT 912

kaesch takiyu collection rt190

RT 190