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Kaesch-USA is the exclusive distributor in the US of an internationally renowned and award winning range of bathtubs, whirlpools and showers. Engineered to exacting German standards, our acrylic range is the result of extensive research and experience in the production of high quality synthetics.
Timeless and elegant design combine with uncompromising quality in material and workmanship, making KAESCH a leader in the industry. Our products are found only in the finest luxury resorts and hotels around Europe and the world.

KAESCH is an internationally renowned manufacturer of exclusive acrylic bathtubs & whirlpools and showers, with many years of experience in processing high-quality synthetics. KAESCH’s philosophy is to develop bathtubs & whirlpools and showers that deliver maximum relaxation and bathing enjoyment. KAESCH’s products feature timeless, elegant design combined with uncompromising quality in materials and workmanship. All of our luxury bathtubs and showers are designed and certified according to anatomic and ergonomic specifications. The sum of these qualities is the reason why our products are found in luxury hotels around the world.


KAESCH GmbH was founded in 2003 by two industry leaders. Their focus, from the beginning, was to develop and produce high quality and unique products, and to market them to the most discriminating of customers. The result of our combined experience, is a range  that offers uncompromising attention to detail, exceptional materials and finishes and only the most technologically advanced fixtures available. Outstanding workmanship,  coupled with ergonomic and anatomical design, deliver hitherto unrivalled relaxation and bathing enjoyment.

Three Outstanding Collections
Kaesch offers Three standout collections: the Freestand, Overflow and Takiyu. Inspired by ancient Japanese custom, our whirlpools and tubs are reminiscent of natural stone sculptures.
We offer a selection of unique shapes and stylistic elements, all aimed at meeting the needs of the discerning client. In the event that our collection does not satisfy, we invite you to explore our customization option. Upon personal consultation, the client along with our expert team, can create baths, whirlpools and showers in keeping with their specific tastes.

Kaesch uses only the very best materials. Our tubs and whirlpools feature the highest grades of sanitary acrylics and stone composites. Not only are our products beautiful, but they are durable and extremely hygienic.